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This website is created by Youxia Motors Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “YOUXIA”). Please read the following articles carefully before using any information provided in the website.All data, information and any other content on this website are provided by YOUXIA. Whoever has access to, reads, downloads or uses any material provided in this website represents that he or she consents to abide by these articles, which constitute the agreement between you andYOUXIA.
Should you disagree to these terms, please refrain from using this website.YOUXIA is entitled to update these articles from time to time, which is to be released on this website and comes into force since the date of release.

Copyright Announcement

The title, copyright and any other right of any content provided in this website belong to YOUXIA, including but not limited to data, text, graphics, images, audio or video. The afore-mentioned rights are protected by the laws, regulations, rules, normative documents of the People’s Republic of China and relevant international treaties.
Infringement upon any of these rights is likely to incur civil, administrative or criminal liability, which shall be borne by the tortfeasor.Without the prior written permission of YOUXIA, no one shall copy, modify, disseminate, publish, reprint or display any content in this website. Likewise, without the prior written permission of YOUXIA, no one shall set up any mirroring on any server not owned by YOUXIA regarding any content in this website. The copyright of any content used yet not originally created by the website belongs to the copyright owner.
Whereas anything quoted is originated from any other website, our website shall observe the principle of giving credit to the copyright owner by attaching to the right side an explicit description of the source website, in case we are unable to contact such copyright owner.If you are the copyright owner to any such content, please contact and furnish us with testimonial materials as well as detailed descriptions so that we could add note as regards to copyright information.
If any objection is raised, we will immediately remove such content that causes copyright controversy. As for any content exclusively authorized to the website, you shall obtain the approval of both the website and the copyright owner prior to reprint of any such content.

Do's and Don'ts for Links

Linking this website to any other website shall be conditional upon compliance of the following:
1. An official written agreement shall be executed with YOUXIA for any such linkage;
2. Unless otherwise stipulated in the agreement with YOUXIA, the linkage must be directed to URL“”rather than other pages of this website;
3. No look-and-feel, position or any other aspect of such linkage shall undermine or dilute the good will of YOUXIA;
4. No look-and-feel, position or any other aspect of such linkage shall cause misconception or confusion;
5. YOUXIA shall be entitled to revoke the right to access to the website at any time.

Domain Name and Trademark Statement

The domain name of [] belongs to YOUXIA and no entity shall use it without prior written authorization from YOUXIA . All YOUXIA’s figurative marks and word marks used in the website of YOUXIAMotors Co., Ltd. “youxiamotors” are registered or application trademarks in the People’s Republic of China and/or other countries and regions; without prior written authorization from YOUXIA, no entity shall use all or part of the afore-mentioned marks in any way.


We have made utmost effort to review the content of this website. However, we provide no warranty (explicit or implicit) in terms of accuracy, integrity, timeliness, effectiveness, stability, availability or non-infringement of the said content. Nor do we guarantee the stability of the server. Therefore, this website is exempt from any obligation or liability for information leakage, loss, theft, misappropriation or distortion arising out of force majeure events that affect normal operation of this website such as hacker’s intrusion or attack, computer virus infection or virus explosion, temporary closure under government regulations and so on.
We provide no warranty that the website may be browsed, read or used at any time, or that no error should occur to the printing, copy or other input process. YOUXIA reserves the right to alter any content in this website.Under no circumstance shall YOUXIA be liable for any consequences of direct, indirect, incidental damage or loss incurred by any third party (including but not limited to, loss of profit, loss of information and data, destruction or loss of property) due to failure of access or use of any content in the website. This website provides outbound links only for the sake of user convenience.
However, since those linked websites are beyond the control or administrative scope of the website, YOUXIA shall not be responsible for the content transmitted or displayed in any form in the linked websites. No commercial information, personal information, notes, comment, forum topic or other information released by any user in this website shall represent the opinions of the website or YOUXIA, and is irrelevant with the website and YOUXIA; thus the corresponding authors shall bear all liabilities.
The website is entitled to delete any foregoing commercial information, personal information, notes, comments, forum topics or other information at any time. The website supports the users’ legitimate operational activities while using this website system, however, the users shall bear all consequences due to its act or omission.

Privacy Statement & Policy

YOUXIA undertakes that it will protect the users’ personal information collected by the website in accordance with the applicable laws, Global Information Privacy Policy of YOUXIA and the Privacy Statement. We suggest that you carefully read this Privacy Statement.

Non-personal Information Collected from Cookies

When you visit our website, YOUXIA will collect non-personal and collective information. With this information, the Company may identify the webpage you visit. Accordingly the Company will collect statistics in order to help understand how visitors use our website, and take timely measures to enhance the users’ online access experience.
YOUXIA will also use Cookies to collect non-individual and collective information. Cookies on the browser refer to a series of text files stored on the hard disk in the access to certain websites. Cookies help the Company understand the status of visits to this website. For example, Cookies will tell whether this is the first or repeat visit to this site, what are the previous usage choices or preferences and the time when the users return to the website. If one rejects Cookies, some features of this website shall not be displayed correctly, as the web browser settings control the transmission volume of information.

How to Use and Share Information

YOUXIAmay use this website to collect any information in order to answer your questions, improve information delivery, analyze website visits, and meet requirements for products and services. YOUXIA will integrate all types of information collected through a variety of methods so as to better understand your current and future needs for the Company's products and services.
During such process, the Company may transmit the collected information to other countries or regions, or share with YOUXIA’s affiliates or third parties, including contractors, dealers, distributors and retailers. For instance, a third party that receives your personal information is likely to be the supplier who is responsible for the computer data processing on behalf of the Company, such as a network technology company.
The affiliate or the third party is contractually obligated to abide by our Privacy Statement & Policy, irrespective when the personal information is transmitted to such affiliate or third party.YOUXIA may disclose your personal information in the course of a merger or acquisition of the Company’s assets. However, the Company will require the acquirer to perform its contractual obligations not inconsistent with this Privacy Statement & Policy so as to protect your personal information and privacy rights.

Applicable Laws and Dispute Settlement

All disputes arising from this announcement or use of this website shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China. Such disputes shall be settled through negotiation. In case such effort fails, such disputes shall be submitted for hearing by the People's Court under whose jurisdiction the Company is domiciled.

Terminating Agreement or Quitting Services

If you desire no more to use the Company’s products or services, or reject the Company’s use of your personal information in accordance with the foregoing statement, or disagree with these terms and the updated content, you may opt to terminate this Agreement or quit services. For detailed information, please contact the Company's Information Center.